Insurance Law

“Insurance,” “Protection,” “Allocation of Risk”—whatever it’s called, businesses need to understand and measure their risks to remain profitable.  To do that, businesses usually rely on insurance to limit against unforeseen liabilities.  However, most businesses, especially in the oil & gas industry, simply rely on their insurance company to meet their needs and don’t understand what risks they are actually protected against.  Bull & Barrett is experienced evaluating risk management and insurance coverage for businesses and pursuing coverage if the insurance company refuses to hold up its end of the bargain.   

Risk Management

Bull & Barrett can review and evaluate your business’s operations and insurance policies.  We will work for you—not the insurance company—to understand your business and risks and to ensure that you have the coverage you need, which is rarer than most business owners realize.  We can also negotiate with the brokers and agents to obtain the proper coverage while dropping costly, unnecessary coverage.

Insurance Litigation

Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t always live up to their obligations.  If you find that your insurer is not protecting you the way it promised, Bull & Barrett will pursue the insurance company to get the coverage and protection to which you are entitled.

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