Oil & Gas

Fortunes have been made and lost on a single decision in the oil and gas industry.  Oil & gas exploration and production is just not as easy as it appears on television shows like “Dallas.”  Those who really understand the business know that deep gas exploration, stripper oil production, pipeline construction, mineral leasing, and other oil and gas activities can be dicey propositions.  Having the right people on your side is essential to being successful in these endeavors.  Bull & Barrett has broad knowledge and experience handling litigation and transactional matters specific to oil and gas interests. Our attorneys have represented operators, wireline companies, pressure pumping companies, saltwater disposal companies, well service companies, tool rental companies, heavy haul and hotshot trucking companies, royalty owners, minority and majority working interest owners, as well as many others.

Oil & Gas Litigation

The firm also handles a diverse range of claims such as:

  • Title disputes;
  • Breach of joint operating agreements;
  • Underpayment of royalties;
  • Breach of lease provisions,;
  • Breach of implied covenants to market and to develop;
  • Lease terminations; and
  • Unreasonable surface owners.

Bull & Barrett also represents energy service companies in all aspects of collecting unpaid accounts, including filing and foreclosing liens on mineral properties.

Oil & Gas Transactional Practice

Bull & Barrett handles the transactional side of the oil and gas practice as well.  This includes negotiating, handling, and preparing JOA’s, leases, right-of-ways, easements, participation agreements, and title opinions.

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